Meet the Owner


Susan McIntyre, RPR, CRR

Owner Susan McIntyre, RPR, CRR, has experience reporting in Europe and the U.K. on a wide array of assignments:

  • Criminal trials at The Old Bailey in London (the Yorkshire Ripper trial, the Guinness trials, the Herald of Free Enterprise trial)
  • Captioner for the British Broadcasting Company’s BBC News
  • International arbitrations throughout Europe and the Middle East
  • Depositions in the U.K., France, Switzerland — everywhere in Europe
  • Realtime streaming text (transmitting testimony in real time via the Internet to you or your expert anywhere in the U.S. or  the world)
  • CART captioning for deaf or hard-of-hearing clients

Get the topnotch service abroad that you expect at home.

Susan McIntyre is an American court reporter living in Great Britain. 

cricketAfter some years working in the United States, Susan relocated to England in 1979.  She has experience and professional credentials, and an important advantage over U.S.-based court reporters.

“I have developed an ear for accented English, the many European, Asian, and Middle Eastern accents.  I’m comfortable with people who speak English as a second language.  The colloquialisms and oddities of speech that might ‘throw’ a U.S.-based court reporter are familiar to me.”

You can count on Susan McIntyre.  The record will be right.